Timing Game

    Make a Timing Game

    Create a game that uses a timer and has sprites that use timers. Have the player complete "something" before the timer runs out. Make sure your game keeps score and gives the user feedback on how well or how poor they are doing.

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    Making a Timer in Scratch

    1. Create a variable called timer
    2. When the flag is clicked, initialize the timer to 10.
    3. Continually, wait 1 second, change the timer by -1, and then check if the timer = 0
      • Output the current time either with a sprite or just show the variable.
      • If the timer = 0, then make either the background or a huge sprite say "Time's up!"
    4. When the flag is clicked, then everything should start over.
    5. Be creative as to what you want your program to look like.
    6. Make sure the timer stops at 0 and does not continue into negatives.

    Game Ideas

    • Clicking
    • Rhythm
    • Platform
    • Typing
    • Put something in order (puzzle)
    • Catch something
    • Maze
    • Quiz