Unit 5 Research Project

How does a person’s behavior on social media affect someone’s real world persona and their academic success?
— ECS Research Question

Here is a list of some of the questions we have created that are designed to help answer the research question:

  • How often do you use social media.
  • Does your behavior change when you go on social media? Does it change in a positive or negative way or do you not change at all.
  • How much time do you spend using social media in a daily basis (min) ?
  • Is social media affecting your academic success?
  • What do you use social media for?
  • Could you live without social media ?
  • Is social media a better way to communicate or in the real-world ?
  • Are you or do people say you are different online than in person?
  • What are your grades and GPA in school?
  • Have you ever been affected by something or someone on social media? If so, was it a positive or negative effect?
  • Have you ever affected someone or something on social media? if so, was it a positive or negative effect?
  • How has social media affected you in your academics?

Student Survey/Data Collection

We will take a vote on which student survey the entire class will use to collect our data.

Final Data

Click here to view the data

Answer the following questions in your data analysis Google Doc in your Google Drive "Shared with Me" folder.

  • How many students answered the survey?
  • What percentage of students were male, female, and other?
  • Make a chart that shows all the social platforms used.
  • What is the most used social platform used?
  • What is the average amount of time students spend on social media each day?
  • What is the average happiness level of students when they use social media?
  • Make a pie chart of the grades of students that use social media more than the average amount?
  • Do students believe social media affects their academics?
  • Make a pie chart of the how many students were affected negatively on social media vs. how many were not.
  • Why do you believe students use social media? Use quotes from students to prove your point.

Final Reflection

Click here to complete your Unit 5 Final reflection