Unit 4 Final Project

Project Details

Your task is to create a Scratch program that does one of the following:

  • Creates a game
  • Creates a presentation
  • Uses Storytelling

You may choose any one of the following topics:

  1. My Community Project
    • Decide on at least one positive thing that you want to highlight and at least one thing you want to improve about your community.
    • Research and use statistics to back up your conclusions. (cite your findings)
    • Include personal comments/recording.
    • Include at least one picture.
    • Use at least 6 of the 8 block options.
    • Multiple scenes/screens (3+)
    • Show/hide sprites
  2.  My Career Project
    • Choose a career or two you are interested in.
    • Research and present criteria and requirements of the career(s). (cite your findings)
    • Include personal comments/recording.
    • Include at least one picture.
    • Use at least 6 of the 8 block options.
    • Multiple scenes/screens (3+)
    • Show/hide sprites
  3.  My Dreams Project
    • If you had no limitations, what is your biggest dream(s)?
    • Research and present information that relates to your topic. (cite your findings)
    • Include personal comments/recording.
    • Include at least one picture.
    • Use at least 6 of the 8 block options.
    • Multiple scenes/screens (3+)
    • Show/hide sprites


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Peer review

View peer review form (will open Google Drive)


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End of Unit Reflections

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  • 04/05/17 - Create idea and start project
  • 04/07/17-04/26/17 - Work on project (that's about 6 hours worth of class time)
  • 04/24/17 - Take 20 minutes for peer review
  • 04/28/17 - Project Presentations

Game Investigation - Pinball

Answer these questions on paper:

  1. Look at the scripts for the pinball. How did the author simulate gravity?
  2. How does the ball know when to "bounce" off of something?
  3. Does the ball always bounce the same way when it hits something?
  4. How do you think the ball determines which direction to bounce?
  5. What's the purpose of the purple line at the very bottom of the game?
  6. What other features do you think would make this game better?

Make these changes to this Scratch Project (make a remix): 

  1. Add scoring to the game
    • Decide the points a player gets when they hit different bumpers
  2. Display the score to the player

Game Inverstigation - Monkey Game

Answer these questions on paper:  

  1. Play the game by using the arrow keys.  What blocks make the monkey respond to the keys?  
  2. Does the banana always appear in the same place?  
  3. What blocks do you think decide what x and y the banana should change to?  
  4. What are the names of the orange blocks under Variables?  
  5. What block(s) are used to change the score?  

Make these changes to this Scratch Project (make a remix): 

  1. Customize the sprites in the game (make the characters be who you want).  
  2. Add another sprite that gives you 2 points if you touch it.
  3. Get the game to stop at 10 points or more by telling you that you win. 

Timing Game

    Make a Timing Game

    Create a game that uses a timer and has sprites that use timers. Have the player complete "something" before the timer runs out. Make sure your game keeps score and gives the user feedback on how well or how poor they are doing.

    View Rubric

    Add your game to this studio to share with the class.


    Fill out the Google Form to reflect on your work and the work of your classmates.

    Making a Timer in Scratch

    1. Create a variable called timer
    2. When the flag is clicked, initialize the timer to 10.
    3. Continually, wait 1 second, change the timer by -1, and then check if the timer = 0
      • Output the current time either with a sprite or just show the variable.
      • If the timer = 0, then make either the background or a huge sprite say "Time's up!"
    4. When the flag is clicked, then everything should start over.
    5. Be creative as to what you want your program to look like.
    6. Make sure the timer stops at 0 and does not continue into negatives.

    Game Ideas

    • Clicking
    • Rhythm
    • Platform
    • Typing
    • Put something in order (puzzle)
    • Catch something
    • Maze
    • Quiz



    Grades with AND and OR

    1. Create a variable grade.
    2. Double click grade to display the scroll bar.
    3. When the green flag is clicked, the program should look at the value of grade and the sprite should respond with a letter as follows:
      • A: Greater than 89
      • B: greater than 79 AND less than 90
      • C: greater than 69 AND less than 80
      • D: greater than 59 AND less than 70
      • F: less than 60

    At Crazy High School, students only qualify for tutoring if they have a B OR a D. After it says the grade, make your program say "You qualify for tutoring" if the grade is a B OR D. Do this using an "OR" conditional.

    Add your Grades program to this studio.

    Conditionals and Age

    Conditionals are "if ____, then _____" statements. For example, "If you don't do your homework, then you will not have a good grade on your report card."

    Computer programmers use these conditional statements to test for specific conditions within their program. For example, in a game, a programmer might create the conditional "If the score is more than 10, then display the 'YOU WIN!' screen."

    In this assignment, you will create a program that checks the condition of a variable. Based on that condition, your program will perform different tasks.

    This program (see below) has a variable called 'age'. Attached to the variable is a slider. This allows a user to change the variable easily. When the green flag is pressed, the program will check to see if 'age' is greater than 2. If it is, then the program will have the cat say "You don't need diapers."

    Remix this program and add the following conditionals:

    • If you are older than 2 "you don't need diapers"
    • If you are older than 15 "you can drive"
    • If you are older than 16 "you can see an R rated movie"
    • If you are older than 17 "you can vote"
    • If you are older than 20 "you can gamble"
    • If you are older than 24 "you can rent a car"
    • If you are older than 49 "you can retire"
    • If you are younger than 3 "Sorry, you are not old enough for anything yet"
    • Add your own conditionals until you have a total of 12

    Variable Example

    View Rubric

    In this assignment, you will be asked to create a program that encourages good eating habits.

    You will finish creating a game where when a player clicks on a food, they earn points for how healthy the food is. They lose points when they click on an unhealthy food. Use the template below to remix and finish creating the game.

    Story Project

    Story Project Rubric

    Story Development

    Program Creation

    • Create your program
    • Share your program
    • Post it to this studio


    • If you get stuck, develop your story further.
    • Make a title screen or a first scene.
    • Break the project into smaller parts and focus on the next part that they can complete.

    Review (Monday 3/6/17)

    Complete a pair review sheet with your partner. They can be found at this studio.

    Presentation (Wednesday 3/8/17)

    Sign up to present. Present your story to the entire class.


    Please complete this Google Form.

    Alphabet Learning

    How do the programs on the computer know what the user wants to do next? In other words, if you are surfing the web, how does the computer know what page to go to next?

    User driven events are an important aspect of programming. They let a computer program know what the user wants to do. You will be making a user driven program using the letters of the alphabet.

    See Mr. Ramstad's example below. If you press the green flag, the sprite goes back to the letter 'b'. If you click on the 'b', it turns into a talking butterfly. The same thing happens if you press the letter on your keyboard.

    Your project can use any theme (e.g. animals, food, games, sports players, etc.)

    Add your project to this studio. Make sure you click the "share" button on your project or no one else can see it.

    Click here to see the Rubric

    Moving in Scratch

    Movement of graphical elements in a program is essential. Use the assignment below to investigate how sprites move in Scratch.

    Make a copy of the Google Doc for yourself to edit: Click Here

    Print this Google Doc: Click Here then click the print button

    When you are done answering the question above. Try remixing this scratch project to make the cat run around the bases as realistically as you can. The cat should look like he is running and he should move counter-clockwise around the bases. Make sure he starts at home plate every time the green flag is pressed.