Distance Between Two Points

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How do you get from one point to another?

  • Open the map and the Google Form. Answer the questions on the form.
  •  The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. To find that distance, it may be easier to find the distance by "taking the streets" first. These distances for a right triangle. The shortest distance is the hypotenuse of the triangle. Open the example.
    • Example
    • This example shows that you can easily count the distance of the legs of the triangle, but it is impossible to count the distance of the hypotenuse. 
  • To find the distance between two points, we use the Pythagorean Theorem. Open the Desmos calculator to view the points and the distances between them. 
    • Desmos
    • Type the Pythagorean Theorem in for the hypotenuse. It solves for the length automatically!
    • Now create your own right triangle and find the length of the hypotenuse by solving the Pythagorean Theorem for c. 
    • This is the distance between the two points
    • Take a screenshot of your triangle and answers and add it to our class Google Slides