Prodigy Game

I love trying new websites and software out with my math tutorial students. Over the past year I have found some great websites that allow my students to learn and play at the same time. This is one of my favorites. has provide my students a unique way of practicing their math skills. It combines math with a fantasy role playing game.

Prodigy is a freemium game. Almost all of the game is free to your students. The paid subscription is an add-on option that you or your students' parents can pay for. The subscription adds levels and items for your student to delve deeper into the game. It is absolutely not needed. The free memberships include access to over 1200 math skills for grades 1-8. Unfortunately, Prodigy is really good and asking your students to upgrade. So your kids may bother you about it every time they are not allowed to open a special chest.

It provides teachers and parents with reports on what standards and skills their students are performing well on and what they need help with. . Prodigy is always free for teachers and it allows them to create plans and assignments for their students.

The most important part of Prodigy is that it has given many of my students a reason to do math. It has allowed many of them to find math exciting and fun for the first time in their lives.