Quizizz.com is an online application for your students to practice skills. I use it about once a week to quickly assess my students skills in mathematics topics. They have thousands of premade quizizz in many different topics. I rarely have to create any of the questions myself. So it saves me a lot of time in planning.

The game is similar to Kahoot.it but it allows students to work at their own pace. It also allows you to assign the game as a homework assignment. No need for your students to sign up either. The best part is that students love it. I love it because I can quickly find and diagnose misconceptions. They love it because it's fast and fun. Quizizz shows the students a meme after every question if their answer is right or wrong. They even let the teacher make their own memes. I like to make memes of students (with their permission).

Overall, I highly recommend this website for all teachers that need to quickly assess their students' knowledge.