Pear Deck Flashcard Factory

Pear Deck’s Flashcard Factory is one of my favorite tools to use when teaching new vocabulary or even just reviewing vocabulary at the end of a unit.

In this activity, students are grouped into a n orange or blue team. Each team then works together to create definitions and images that match the vocabulary words. The goal for each team is to finish making their flashcards first. Then, as a class, we can decide what flashcards are best and create a Quizlet set with them.

What I like best about this activity is that students have to work together to succeed. Students that are making definitions for terms have to work with the student creating the image for that flashcard. To make a good flashcard, the definition and the image need to match and work together. In the process of creating flashcards, students are not simply just reviewing material, but actively using their knowledge to create. The video below is from PearDeck. Check out how it works.